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Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in Europe. If it is diagnosed in time and properly treated, it is possible to prevent pronounced impairment of visual function or blindness, which greatly affects the quality of life and working ability of patients. Glaucoma treatment, depending on the type and degree, can be medical (most often drops, in some cases tablets and intravenous drugs), and/or laser and surgical procedures. Given the chronic nature of the disease, drug treatment is long-term, and therefore an optimal selection of the drug is required, both in relation to the patient’s characteristics, predisposing conditions and diseases, side effects and effectiveness, as well as the ease of application of the individual medicine, as well as in relation to the economic viability of long-term therapy, which is of interest to both insurance companies and patients if they have to co-pay or pay in full for a medicine.

Given the large number of drugs on the market, we have noticed in practice that ophthalmologists find it difficult to find their way among the many options, which makes it difficult to make an optimal choice with regard to the patient’s characteristics and economically viable treatment. In order to facilitate the optimal selection of medication for patients who are indicated for drug therapy, we started developing an application that serves as a tool for a quick review and optimal selection of drug therapy for patients with glaucoma.