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Portal for the most important information about glaucoma, therapy selection and other useful information.

Useful to:

  • Doctors – a simple, quick selection of the optimal medicine shortens the search and decision-making time and leaves more time for other duties
  • Patients – increases the probability of treatment with the optimal drug depending on their individual characteristics
  • Healthcare system – it brings savings directly through the selection of a less expensive drug if several drugs are suitable for a specific patient, and indirectly through fewer side effects and treatment complications in the case of choosing a non-optimal drug
  • It serves as a platform for digital campaigns to increase awareness of glaucoma, and to educate doctors about new diagnostic and therapeutic options.

Created by:

  • Technical part: Božidar Ševo (Dares Core d.o.o.), master’s degree in computing and mathematics
  • Medical part: Kristina Lončarić, MD. specialist in ophthalmology and optometry, subspecialist in neuro-ophthalmology